Teen Awareness—Safe Sex

My friend asked me to share my thoughts on this topic.
Thanks for caring, Theresa. :)

OK, I’m talking mostly to teens here but this really applies to all men and women. I could easily go into a rant here about being responsible, mature people, blah, blah, blah… But I don’t think that would have the desired effect---Or any effect at all. Instead, think of me as a big brother who is sharing some valuable information with you because I care about you. Safe sex is a decision you need to make EVERY TIME you are intimate with somebody, seriously!
I’m not going to bury you in statistics, but here are a couple that will put the importance of this message in perspective for you--

HALF of the 6 million pregnancies in the US every year are UNPLANNED!
Out of those 3 million UNPLANNED pregnancies, almost HALF of those (1.3 million) are ABORTED! If that doesn’t scare you, it should!

The FDA approved the marketing of Birth Control pills in 1960. They have been cheap and readily available for 50 years, and they are more than 99% effective if taken as prescribed.

What about the pregnancies that aren’t aborted? Let’s say you decide to have the baby, now what? Having a baby, whether you planned it or not will change your life FOREVER.

Consider this: There are approximately 13.7 million single parents right now in the US. About 40% of them live in poverty, even though most of them also work full time jobs. Think about that. Is that really the choice you want to make at this point in your life? IT IS A CHOICE!

OK, that’s just one side of the problem. Think about this: Have you even considered the diseases you can get from having casual, un-protected sex? Some of those diseases are curable, but some of them WILL KILL YOU! Is it worth it for one night of passion? Or one hour? Or 10 minutes? Seriously think about that, please!

MEN--Wear a condom EVERY TIME you have sex with somebody you are not married to. If you are married, make sure you are both ready to start a family.

WOMEN--Take birth control pills exactly as prescribed AND INSIST that your male partners wear a condom EVERY TIME you are intimate--Unless you are married to him and you are both ready to start a family.

It’s that easy, my friends. Please remember this chat. There is no reason to complicate your life with an UNPLANNED pregnancy when it’s so easy to prevent.

Please be smart and be safe, because I love you. :)

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