Don’t Drink & Drive

My friend asked me to share my thoughts on this topic.
Thanks for caring, Theresa. :)

I know some people won‘t like this post. Do you want to know how I know that? Are you ready for this? There are 1.4 million DUI arrests made every year in the United States! That’s 3835 DUI’s every day! That’s 159 DUI’s every hour! And those are just the ones who get caught! The real number of drunks on the road is actually much higher. Are you scared now? You should be!

That’s a lot of people who think they should be allowed to drink as much as they want and then drive around in a 3000 pound killing machine. Those people won’t like this post. I don’t care if they don‘t like it. This needs to be said, so I’m saying it!

The first DUI laws went into affect in 1910, that’s 100 years ago! Guess what? It’s still a problem! A HUGE PROBLEM! Do you want to know how many mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters are killed by drunk drivers every year? Well, thankfully it’s a lot less than the staggering number at the beginning of this post.

Each year in the United States, about 13,000 lives are snuffed out by ignorant drunk drivers. That’s a whole lot of people who never get to go home to their families and see the people they love, ever again.

Please think about that the next time you’ve “had a few” and you’re ready to go home. Please call a taxi. It’s much, much cheaper than the alternative.

Please be smart and be safe. Thank you.

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