Has anybody else noticed this? We are driving cars we can’t afford to jobs we don’t like to pay for houses that sit empty all day. We have become slaves and most people don’t even realize it. It’s not right! We work hard for our money, only to give it away freely to banks and corporations and the government. 

If you’re not happy with the way your life is going, this may be the key. The solution is simple! Get out of debt, live below your means, and stop working so hard just to make the payments every month. 

There is another way. Look up Minimalism, Simple Life, Tiny Houses. You might be amazed. You might be inspired.

Looking for a road map to lead you out of the debt trap? Look up Dave Ramsey. Yes, he sells products but you don’t need to buy any of that. What he shares for FREE on his website and on Youtube will lead you out of debt forever. No need to thank me. Just get yourself free. You can do it!

End of rant.

Now go take on the day!

Peace, out.


  1. We are a slave to our addictions and bad habits. Its always nice to break free! Stay safe out there +Duane and keep up the good fight :-)

    1. Hi Matt,
      Yes, that's true, but it doesn't have to be that way. Once I understood that I was working myself to death so "they" could eat lobster, I got angry enough to do something about it. With no debt and minimal living expenses, I can now work part time, enjoy my work, and enjoy my life.
      Peace and light, my friend,

  2. I love it! I frequent a site called cheaprvliving.com. This guy is a vandweller. He feels like you do and has been living and traveling around the country with his dog for over a decade now. This is definitely a movement you guys are talking about whose time has come. I believe we're going to need a bloggers' caravan. How fun would that be! :)

    1. Hi Kay,
      Thanks for stopping by. I have been to that site, too! :) Living in a van isn't for me, but I love reading about such adventures. I believe we can learn something from these people, for sure! :)
      Peace and Light,