My Rant -- Corporate Downsizing

I am one of the most positive people I know. Still, there are a few things that really tick me off. I don’t dwell on them but occasionally they come to the surface. This is one of those occasions.

DOWNSIZING is corporate speak for “deleting loyal, hard working employees as if they were last week’s spam.” Many companies do this as a way to trim their budgets, which will (hopefully) make them more profitable in the future. I’ve always maintained that companies don’t make decisions, people do. And this is no exception. The decision of whose life to ruin is made by one or more people farther up the ladder. I don’t believe these people are totally without a heart, but I do believe the decision to downsize has as much to do with protecting their own assets as it has to do with making the company appear more profitable. There are other ways to improve a company’s bottom line. IE: Increase sales, increase customer satisfaction, creative marketing, add new products and services, etc. Of course, these remedies take more time and effort. It’s much easier to tell 30% of your workers to pack their bags and tell the other 70% they will now have to work 30% harder, or they will be next.

I just had to get that out there. My next post will be more positive, I promise. :)

Now go take on the day!

Peace, out.
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  1. Nice post, Duane. Don't worry, I know you are still your happy-go-lucky self. Even the most cheerful of us can be brought down by these corporate bigwigs who think they know what's best for everyone. The truth is, none of us know for sure what will be best for anyone, but I definitely agree with your point that these companies seem to be taking the easy way out, rather than trying to do what is (perhaps) best.


  2. Jessica,
    Thank you for your comment.
    I appreciate your support.
    Peace, Duane