When Procrastination is a Good Thing

I’ve realized something over the past few years that I’ve never put into words before. I don’t believe I’m unique in this area, I believe there are others who have the same habit. Perhaps reading about it from your side of the computer screen will cause you to have one of those “Ah-ha!” moments and could possibly save you thousands of dollars and much wasted time. For me, putting this into words will help me to cement in my mind something I already know to be true.

My brother once said to me, “I have saved thousands of dollars by procrastinating.” He then explained, “When I see something I want, I don’t buy it right away. I wait, put it off, sleep on it, think about it for a few days, and in most cases, I decide I don’t really want it after all.

At the time, I thought he was crazy. I was more of a “seize the moment” type of person. I would buy whatever I wanted, whenever I felt like it. I would buy all sorts of things because I believed that having them would make me happy. Maybe you do the same thing.

What I eventually learned was that in many cases (70% or more), once I bought something, I no longer wanted it. This isn’t a big deal with little things, but lately I’ve been thinking about getting a new vehicle. I made a list of the types of vehicles I thought would make me happy, then I started looking for those vehicles in the newspaper, on Craigslist, on EBay Motors, etc, etc.

Now here is the strange part--
Since I didn’t buy right away, I eventually got bored with the search and realized that I don’t really want a new car any more. Isn’t that interesting? I saved thousands of dollars and I learned that I’m already happy with what I already have.

Something to think about, isn’t it? Now go take on the day!

Peace, out.
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  1. Hi Duane,
    I found this out a couple of years ago too.
    I usually get obsessed with a subject, become excited about it, investigate it thoroughly, and it might become a hobby or part of my life.
    In the past, when I had plenty of cash, I'd spend money on the hobby in the first three or four weeks, in the midst of this obsession.
    Now I hold off....And wait. Eventually most obsessions slacken off, or even die, and I can forget them, saving me lots of money.
    It's less immediately gratifying, but has a certain satisfaction to it.
    The last obsession was to buy an African drum called a Djembe. I joined forums, read websites, browsed catalogues, learned about maintaining them, everything. Then I waited....Torturous! But I came out the other side minus a drum, and saved at least £100.

  2. This is the story of my life honestly lol. I become totally obsessed and then bored very quickly there after.It's almost like I build things up to the point where the "thought" of it becomes much more satisfying then when I actually acquire whatever it is. Hmmm you made me think Duane good job.

  3. You make a great point here. Never hesitate to procrastinate!