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I would like to share with you, two of the tools I use for making quick decisions. I call them THAT LITTLE VOICE and RISK VS REWARD.

In a nutshell, THAT LITTLE VOICE is the voice in the back of your head that says, "Whoa, wait a minute! This is a bad idea!" or something similar. That's the voice of reason, intuition, common sense, and a lifetime of experience. It's best to listen to THAT LITTLE VOICE at least 90% of the time.

RISK VS REWARD goes something like this: You need to make a decision quickly so you weigh the risks (what could go wrong) against the reward (what do you have to gain).

Here are two real life examples that happened to me:

A few days before Christmas, two little girls came to my door carrying an ice chest. They asked if I would like to buy some tamales. I had a decision to make. THAT LITTLE VOICE said, "Whoa, wait a minute! You know nothing about these girls or the conditions under which the tamales were made. You could get food poisoning very easily if the food was not prepared and stored properly."

So I did a quick RISK VS REWARD analysis. 
I could get very sick.
I love tamales.

The REWARD was not worth the potential RISK. So I had to go along with THAT LITTLE VOICE. I politely said, "No thank you." It was the smart move. I will never know if the tamales were good or bad, but I tend to trust my intuition.

I bought a new digital camera before going on vacation in Florida a few years ago. While I was there, I spent a lot of time with a woman I met online. We went to the beach and took turns taking pictures of each other with my new camera. A young man approached us and offered to take a picture of both of us together. I had a decision to make. THAT LITTLE VOICE said, "Whoa, wait a minute! You don't know this guy! You just bought that camera! I've heard stories of this exact con, where the "nice young man" runs away with the tourist's camera."

So I did a quick RISK VS REWARD analysis. 
I could lose my camera.
It would be nice to have some pictures of both of us together.

Again, the REWARD was not worth the RISK. I listened to THAT LITTLE VOICE and politely turned him down. I will never know if he was a thief, but I think I made the right decision.

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Now go take on the day!

Peace, out.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I would have done the same thing in both situations. Glad I'm not the only one, especially in the tamale example. I'm so glad you're posting again, Duane. Loved this post! :)

  2. Hi Kay,
    Thanks for your support. Glad to know we think alike. :)