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It might shock you to know that I play Keno when I go to the casinos. Most people know Keno has very poor odds. And it can be very boring sitting there, watching the ping pong balls bounce around as the Keno person draws the winning numbers one by one. But I know a secret. This is stress-free gambling. I will either WIN BIG, or lose very little.

The game of Keno is similar to state lotteries. They draw the winning numbers from a hopper filled with numbered ping pong balls. The balls are numbered 1 through 80. Air is forced into the hopper which causes the balls to bounce around wildly, making the drawing completely random. In each game, they draw 20 numbers. 

Your task is to predict which numbers will be drawn in the next game. The top Keno prize in my local casino is $50,000. To win the top prize, you have to pick 8 numbers and hit all 8 of them. That doesn’t happen very often. You can also win smaller amounts for hitting 5, 6, or 7 out of 8 numbers. Can you imagine placing a $1 bet and winning $50,000? I can! That’s why I play this crazy game! LOL

There is a waiting period between games to give people time to turn in winning tickets and buy new tickets for the next game. Tickets are only $1. There are about 12 drawings per hour. So if you play every game and never hit any wins, you will lose $12 per hour. Not bad, considering you can easily lose $12 PER MINUTE in a slot machine. 

Keno has several advantages over other casino games. 
1.) Very small risk for a huge possible payoff. 
2.) The Keno lounge has very comfortable seats. 
3.) The drink girl will come around and bring you free drinks. 
4.) You can get up and move around freely.
5.) You don’t have to play every single game. 
6.) You can text or play games on your phone while you are sitting there. 

When I enter the casino, I walk around, do some people watching, use the restroom, get a free cup of coffee from the self-serve drink station, and then find a seat in the Keno lounge. I watch two complete games without making a bet. Instead, I record the numbers that come up (20 numbers each game). Then I am ready to play. I pick my 8 numbers from the winning numbers of the two games I just recorded. My theory: These numbers are hitting now, so I will GO WITH THE FLOW. 

I pay for 5 consecutive games. If you only play 1 game, you must collect any winnings before the start of the next game. That’s less than 5 minutes! No exceptions! But where I play, and in most casinos I’ve been to, you have 24 hours to claim your prize if you pay for 2 or more consecutive games. When you play this way, you can get up and walk around as much as you like since you have 24 hours to claim your prizes. Just take your ticket back to the Keno desk before you go home and they will scan it and pay you if you have won. 

I will sit in the Keno lounge and watch the 5 drawings I’m playing. After that, I will get up and go for a walk. If I'm there with other people, I will find them and see how they are doing. If I’m spending a few hours in the casino, I will repeat this routine; play 5 games, then go for a walk, etc.

I haven’t won any big prizes yet. However, I lose less than anybody I know. In a normal 4 hour casino visit, I will lose $20 or less. But I have the prospect of winning $50,000! What a rush! 

You won’t kick Keno’s butt very often. Honestly, most days you will lose, but it will be very little, much less than the average gambler. And one day, when everything lines up perfectly and all your numbers come up, you’ll be a BIG WINNER!


Now go take on the day!

Peace, out.

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I did the Google Rating gig I talked about in my last post for 9 months. Each month my work was evaluated for accuracy. Some of my reviews were good, some were bad. In the end, they let me go. I don’t blame them, I’m sure there are people who are much better at that sort of thing than I am. 

I feel kinda sad and I feel like their guidelines are a little too strict, but it’s their business and they have the right to run it their way. I am grateful for the experience.

No worries, I will find something more suited to my skills and personality. I’m already looking forward to my next adventure.

Have a blessed day!

Peace, out.

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