I did the Google Rating gig I talked about in my last post for 9 months. Each month my work was evaluated for accuracy. Some of my reviews were good, some were bad. In the end, they let me go. I don’t blame them, I’m sure there are people who are much better at that sort of thing than I am. 

I feel kinda sad and I feel like their guidelines are a little too strict, but it’s their business and they have the right to run it their way. I am grateful for the experience.

No worries, I will find something more suited to my skills and personality. I’m already looking forward to my next adventure.

Have a blessed day!

Peace, out.

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  1. Hey Duane I was going to buy the book you recommended. What specifically happened that I should look out for?

  2. Hi Marc,
    They don't want your "opinion". There are specific guidelines you have to follow. You will get the guidelines in a PDF so you can read & review them whenever you want. But when you are doing "tasks" you are only paid for a certain amount of time. I felt rushed so I didn't consult the guidelines as much as I should have. If you are focused and follow the guidelines you should do fine. Good luck bro!