I've had 10 jobs in the past 30 years-
Pizza Cook
Dollar Store Manager
Convenience Store Clerk
Pet Store Lead Cashier
Laboratory Technician
Maintenance Man
Google Search Engine Evaluator
Scrap Metal Recycler

In a previous blog post, I stated that "all jobs suck". I still believe that. All jobs have areas that don't make everybody happy. That's why they have to pay you to be there. 

With that being said, I want to talk about my current job vs. previous jobs. I am currently a janitor. I work for a small company. I work part time evenings. The money is not great but it's enough. And let me tell you something, I love this job! This job sucks far less than any job I've ever had. 

I have more freedom than I've ever had at any job. I can go to work when I choose (as long as it's after 5pm). I have keys that let me into the buildings I clean. My boss trusts and respects me. No micro-managing, no nit-picking. I call him if there is a problem (like a flood) or if I need cleaning supplies. That's it!

The point of this post is to let you know there are many, many job options available to you. If you're not happy at your current job, you are not stuck there. Find a different one. There is no harm in trying something new. You might be surprised at the results. 

Now go take on the day!

Peace, out.

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