One day I was driving to work and I realized there are a lot of businesses that would not exist if everybody was like me. Here are a few of the businesses that I drive by but I almost never go into.

Bars, taverns, pubs, dance clubs—When I was younger and trying to go along with the crowd, I did. Not now.

Safeway, Albertsons, Yokes, Fred Meyer—These are over-priced grocery stores. I don’t care how nice the store is, I will not shop where prices are sky high.

Giant shopping malls—I may go inside to look around, people watch, or eat, but I won’t buy $200 jeans, $75 shirts, or any of the other over-priced stuff these places are famous for.

Any big bank that charges fees to bank there--I bank at my local Credit Union where everything is FREE and they pay me interest on my checking and savings accounts.

Casinos—I used to like to go to casinos and I went often. Now I rarely gamble. When I do gamble, I win a little or lose a little (less than $20). No stress, no regrets, and no worries.

1-Star hotels/motels—Back in the day I would stay at a $30 motel, but no longer. I don’t mind paying a premium for first class accommodations, but I always ask for a discount.

Just an observation I wanted to share with you.

Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Now go take on the day!

Peace, out.

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  1. Interesting topic Duane!
    Here's my list of 'never will visit' places.
    1.Estate agents. I have no money to speak of and dislike debt.
    2. Nightclubs. Hated them when I was young, hate them even more now :-)
    3. Massage parlours. I dislike being fondled by strangers! If someone fondles me I want a marriage certificate to be involved!
    4. Swimming pools. They stink of chlorine, are filled with screaming peeing dirty people, and I can't swim anyway!
    5. France...Been there, done that, wasn't impressed.
    Places I will visit, but only in life or death situations....
    1. The Dentist...I'm a coward when it comes to pain. If I could get hold of a lifetime supply of Morphine my existence would be perfect!
    2. The Doctor. If I can't walk or breathe I'll go there. Anything else is a minor problem :-)


  2. Hi Jeff,
    I love your list! That's excellent! LOL
    Thanks for your comments!
    Have a fantastic day!
    Cheers mate,

  3. Hey, I come from Belgium and I have a question. Why does it seem like all americans 'hate' France? I got the impression because I sometimes watch American tv shows.

    I live in Belgium near at the border to the Netherlands and Germany. France isn't too far away, as Luxembourg(about 60 miles / 100km). It's a complicated story if you talk about languages.

  4. Great list. I refuse to use "self checkout" puts
    people out of work.

  5. Hi Timfreh,
    I believe it has something to do with France not supporting the US in the Iraq war. I personally have no problem with France, I'm sure they are mostly good people. :)
    Cheers, Duane

  6. Hi Nick,
    That's a good point. Thanks for your comment.
    Peace, Duane

  7. Hi Timfreh,
    I have no problem with Belgium, in fact I love the place! One of my ambitions is to live there, which will probably never happen.
    My problem with France stems from my sister emigrating there, spending two years fighting through endless red tape and bureaucratic mistakes and delays just to get permission to work there, then finding the place was dead as far as jobs go, and that she had basically wasted two years of her life, and lost about £50,000 in the process. I visited many times and found the place bleak, full of flies, and dull.
    Belgium, on the other hand, is surreal and magnificent!